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HSCI Group Structure

Parent company: Human Stem Cells Institute PJSC (Russia, Moscow)

Human Stem Cells Institute (HSCI) is Russia’s biotech company founded in 2003. The Company started its business with the launch of a cord blood stem cell banking service provided by Gemabank®. Gemabank® is the largest family cord blood bank in Russia and the CIS, with the laboratories equipped according to the GMP standards. As of now, 26 thousand Russian families have trusted Gemabank® specialists with storing their children’s stem cells.

Subsidiaries & Affiliates

IMCB LLC (Russia) — 100%

IMCB LLC («International Medical Center for Biomaterials Processing and Cryostorage» LLC) — HSCI’s subsidiary set up in October, 2014 for the provision of hematopoietic stem cell banking services (with the aim to increase operational effectiveness of Gemabank® as well as to use state tax allowance for medical companies). It was started rendering Gemabank® services through IMCB from Q4 2015.

IMCB’s net income, starting 2016, is allocated to the parent company in the form of dividends to contribute to HSCI’s net profit under RAS (unconsolidated) which may be distributed through dividend payment to HSCI’s shareholders.

GENETICO LLC (Russia) – 79.99%

GENETICO LLC (Center of Genetics and Reproductive Medicine GENETICO LLC, renamed from RGMC HSCI LLC in October 2015) was specially created in October 2012 for providing HSCI’s medical services (with the aim to use state tax allowance). Starting from 2013 GENETICO offers the range of genetic testing and counseling services as well as Reprobank® services via the development of Genetico® medical genetics center & lab.

In 2014 RVC BioFund, a state investment fund, became a participant in the company according to the agreement signed with HSCI for joint financing and development of the Genetico® project. Starting April 10, 2017, the share of RVC BioFund in GENETICO LLC has amounted to 20.01%.

GENETICO LLC is a Skolkovo resident from 2015.

«NextGen» Co. Ltd. (Russia) – 100%

«NextGen» Company Limited focuses on R&D and marketing of products for gene therapy, the development of treatments using gene-therapy drugs and the method of therapeutic angiogenesis. In addition, the Company works on the development of new ways to prevent/treat inherited diseases and genetic disorders. IP owner, Skolkovo resident.

«Angiogenesis» LLC (Russia) – 67%

«Angiogenesis» LLC is HSCI’s subsidiary established in September 2016 to conduct R&D in the field of natural and technical sciences (in particular, R&D for introduction of innovative gene therapy drugs to treat cardiovascular diseases).

NVG-cardio LLC (Russia) – 65%

NVG-cardio, LLC is HSCI’s subsidiary established in May 2015 with the aim of R&D and commercialization of innovative gene therapy drugs for cardiovascular diseases — the most common cause of death in the Russian Federation. The project is planned to be implemented in collaboration with Novosibirsk Research Institute of Blood Circulation Pathology named after E.N. Meshalkin.

Cell Technology Laboratory LLC (Russia) — 75%

Cell Technology Laboratory LLC is a research subdivision of HSCI in Russia created for the development of innovative cell- and gene-based technologies with high promising medical application such as ESC and iPS. IP owner (the company holds a number of patents, including those connected with Neovasculgen® and the technology of obtaining iPS cells (induced Pluripotent Stem cells).

Vitacel LLC (Russia) – 60%

Vitacel LLC is a developer of innovative cell-based and tissue engineering technologies for the regenerative medicine. The company has developed and patented SPRS-therapy – a set of personalized diagnostics and treatment procedures for individual skin regeneration based on the use of autologous dermal fibroblasts to repair skin damage due to aging or other structural changes. SPRS-therapy was launched on the Russian market in 2011. Today the work is under way to make it available internationally.

The company’s plans include expanding the use of technology to treat various severe skin diseases and burns. In addition, the technology of restoring periodontium soft and hard tissues by application of autologous gingival fibroblasts and biocomposite osteoplastic material is under development.

Recently, an innovative SPRG-therapy service has been already launched as stand-alone. SPRG-therapy (Service for Personal Regeneration of Gum) is a cell-based technology designed to correct and restore periodontal soft tissues by applying autologous gingival fibroblasts.

IP owner, Skolkovo resident.

Cryonix JSC (Russia) – 70.11%

Cryonix operates in the biotech, pharmacological and medical sectors – involves in the development and commercialization of innovative drugs and provision of high-tech medical services. Cryonix is HSCI’s long-standing partner, representing Gemabank’s services in Saint Petersburg and the region.

In addition, Cryonix, along with HSCI, is a co-investor of multilateral international project SynBio and a participant in IceGen LLC (see below).

IceGen LLC (Russia) – 36.77%

IceGen LLC was established in August 2011 for consolidation of the shares of participants in the SynBio project (except for RUSNANO JSC) as an asset holding company. SynBio, HSCI and its subsidiary Cryonix are co-investors in, is a long-term multilateral project to create new unique medicines (first-in-class and BioBetters) for the Russian and international markets with the aim of achieving progress in the treatment of socially significant diseases. The SynBio project unites top Russian and international companies engaged in biotech/biopharm R&D and is supported by an investment from RUSNANO (a state-owned fund for supporting nanotechnologies).

Participatory interests of SynBio LLC (a special project company) were consolidated in IceGen in February-March 2014. As a result, two parties became owners of SynBio: RUSNANO (41%) and IceGen (59%). Till December 2016 HSCI was a majority shareholder of IceGen with a 48.07% stake, while together with Cryonix (9.31% in IceGen) an effective share of HSCI Group in IceGen amounted to 54.6%. From November 2011 to February 2014 HSCI directly held 28.18% in SynBio.

From the end of December 2016 HSCI’s stake in IceGen amountеd to 39.48%, while the stake of Cryonix stayed the same (9.31%).

From June 08, 2017 HSCI’s stake in IceGen amounts to 36.77%, while the stake of Cryonix amounts to 8.68%.

SynBio project has been under restructuring since 2016: to start with, IceGen has become a shareholder of Pharmsynthez PJSC (by contribution of its stake in SynBio LLC into Pharmsynthez’ share capital – in the course of private placement).

Artgen, Inc. — 9.09%

Artgen, inc. is a US privately held biotech company, a Delaware corporation. Artgen is a project company for the development of the drug candidate based on IP connected with the Russian drug Neovasculgen® in the United States and Canada. For details see: Press-release dated October 12, 2016 and Press-release dated December 22, 2016