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Laboratory & Production Complex

HSCI’s New Laboratory and production complex
(Laboratory and production complex of the Center of Genetics and Reproductive Medicine GENETICO LLC)

Opened – June 2013
The complex was designed and built in compliance with GMP standards.

Total area – 1,000 square meters, including:

  • cleanroom premises (360 sqm)
  • automated cryogenic facility for the storage of cell-based drugs and products (including up to 50,000 samples of cord blood stem cells)
  • office areas and storage space


Bld. 1, 3 Gubkina Str., Moscow

HSCI’s laboratory and production complex includes the following:

Molecular genetics laboratory – for diagnosis of inherited diseases and for providing the spectrum of PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis) services for IVF clinics in Russia

Cell culture products laboratory – for development and production of tissue-engineering products and the provision of services based on cell technologies (SPRS-therapy and others)

Biopharmaceutical production facility – for development, production and quality control of cell-based drugs (including small-batch contract production of cell-based drugs for other Russian and international R&D companies for preclinical and clinical studies)

Cord blood stem cell bank – for cryogenic storage of umbilical cord blood of newborns

Reproductive tissue bank (Reprobank) – for the collection, genetic testing for inherited diseases and storage of human reproductive cells and tissues

HSCI General Director Artur Isaev:

The launch of the new laboratory and production complex is a very important event for HSCI. The production capacity of the new complex will facilitate dynamic development of the products and services in regenerative medicine and medical genetics which our Company has already developed, launched or is ready to introduce in the market. The new facility will also serve as a prototyping center and will provide Russian and international companies with contract-based services for the development, production and introduction into practice of innovative drugs and technologies.”