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Scientific Advisory Board

According to the «Regulations on Scientific Activities» of PJSC HSCI, in 2010 the Scientific and Technical Council was established in the Company — a scientific advisory and expert body.

The tasks of the Scientific and Technical Council are: determination of promising directions in the field of cellular and other biotechnologies,

  • determination of a strategy for the development of these areas within the HSCI;
  • expert assessment of the current state of ongoing research work (R&D), consideration of scientific reports of the work performed; participation in the development of problems of methodological support in the implementation of research and development, etc .;
  • development of recommendations to the HSCI leadership on the application of the latest achievements of fundamental science for their use in the interests of HSCI;
  • coordination of scientific activities of HSCI;
  • assistance in holding various information events in this area of ​​science, including symposia, conferences, exhibitions of promising developments.

The Scientific and Technical Council consists of reputable experts, opinion leaders in their fields.

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