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Genetic testing & counselling

Genetico® center & lab offers genetic analysis and counselling based on various testing methods and techniques.

The Company promotes a range of diagnostic panels and tests for individual cases, specific classes and particular types of socially significant disorders as well as genetically determined pathologies, including in the reproductive health area:

  • Prophylactic DNA screening for adults (determination of the genetic features and identification of risks for clinically healthy individuals and their future offsprings).
  • Neonatal screening for treatable genetic conditions: with the aim of early identification (to prevent the development of clinical symptoms / complications) and prophylactic treatment of the most widespread inherited disorders (if carrier status is detected).
  • Diagnostic panels and tests for patients with infertility (genetic male and female reproductive health factors);
  • Tests for patients in pregnancy planning (genetic factors of miscarriages, pregnancy complications, risk of giving birth to a child with a genetic disorder; thrombophilia, cystic fibrosis).

For couples in pregnancy planning Preconception screening is recommended – to minimize the risks of giving birth to a child suffering from the recessive disease. In case the carrier status is identified among expectant parents, the development of the pathology in offsprings can be prevented with the help of modern assisted reproductive technologies, namely, the use of IVF with PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis of early-stage embryos for monogenic inherited diseases during an IVF cycle).

In 2015 the company brought to the market the services in such areas as oncogenetics (identification of genetic predisposition to breast cancer and / or ovarian cancer) and bioinformatics (genome sequencing and interpretation employing NGS methods — for the diagnosis of complicated inherited disease cases and selection of better targeted therapy as well as for personalized study of patient’s genetic features).

Expansion of bioinformatics services includes building a comprehensive range of services based on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies:
— whole genome;
— whole exome;
— clinical exome;
— as well as the range of extended diagnostic panels for specific disease categories and cases, including oncological diseases.