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Genetico® is HSCI’s socially significant project for the development of personalized medicine in the field of early detection, prediction and prophylactic treatment of genetic disorders, including reproductive system diseases. In addition, the project entails the development of Reprobank® services– reproductive cell storage and donation.

The project is implemented in partnership with RVC BioFund, a Russian state investment fund.

The services are provided by GENETICO LLC – HSCI’s subsidiary.

The genetic testing labs and Reprobank® facilities are located in HSCI’s new laboratory and production complex opened in 2013 in Moscow.

Genetico® services were introduced in the Russian market starting 2013, and their range is continually expanding with double-digit annual revenue growth.

As of today, Genetico® Molecular Genetics Laboratory consists of a Microarray Lab, NGS Lab and Genotyping lab to provide a wide variety of medical genetics services based on different testing methods and techniques (including NGS, DNA microarrays; microfluidic PCR, CMA, СGH, Karyotyping, etc.)

PGS/PGDpreimplantation genetic screening/diagnosis of early-stage embryos for chromosomal abnormalities/monogenic inherited diseases during an IVF cycle, which allows specialists to determine which embryos can be recommended for transplantation into the uterus.

NIPT (Harmony TM Prenatal test/Prenetix®) — non-invasive prenatal screening for fetal chromosome aberrations (Down syndrome, other major trisomies and sex chromosome aneuploidies), which can be perfomed as early as 10 weeks in pregnancy on maternal venous blood.

Initially introduced NIPT as a send-out test, in 2017 HSCI’s Genetico® lab makes technology transfer and becomes the first in Russia and the CIS equipped by Roche to perform Ariosa Diagnostics’ Harmony™ Prenatal Test locally.

Diagnostic panels and DNA tests for various socially-significant diseases and conditionsby their groups, types and isolated cases (e.g. for patients with infertility, for couples in pregnancy planning; for women with recurrent miscarriage, for newborns (neonatal screening), for identification of genetic predisposition to breast cancer and/or ovarian cancer, NGS-based extended diagnostic panel for familial oncological diseases; for the selection of better therapy while treating cardiovascular diseases and chemo therapy in case of cancers when the therapeutic effect depends on the genetics of tumor; Whole Exome Sequencing for the diagnosis of complicated inherited disease cases, clinical exome sequencing, etc.)

Genetico® clients have also access to the services offered by Reprobank® (reproductive cell and tissue bank).

Reprobank® started operations in Q3 2013 with the sale of donor sperm samples (incl. distribution for the California Cryobank – the one of world’s largest sperm banks) as well as the service of the personal sperm storage for bio-insurance purposes. In 2015 the oocyte cryopreservation service was launched, and then the donor oocyte bank started to operate.

Today Reprobank®is Russia’s largest reproductive cell bank operating independently of IVF clinics.

Website: www.genetico.