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Results of Clinical Trials of the World’s First Gene-Activated Material Published 10.02.2021

Clinical trials of the world’s first gene-activated material for bone tissue regeneration used before dental implants and for the treatment of patients with bone defects have been completed. The gene-activated bone substitute simplifies the implementation of bone grafting, minimizes the…

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HSCI Invests 45 Million Roubles in the Development of COVID-19 Vaccines 04.02.2021

Human Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) is investing RUB 45 million in its subsidiary Betuvaks LLC to develop and introduce new vaccines against coronavirus. HSCI’s Board of Directors approved an investment loan agreement with its subsidiary Betuvaks LLC for a total…

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HSCI’s Board of Directors has Determined the Price of Additional Shares 02.02.2021

Human Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) has determined the price of additional shares to be placed by private subscription. According to the decision of HSCI’s Board of Directors, the private placement will take place at a price of RUB 40 per…

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Genetico Laboratory Examined over 28,000 Embryos for Chromosomal Abnormalities 01.02.2021

At the end of January 2021, the laboratory of the Genetico® Center (GENETICO LLC, HSCI’s subsidiary, a Skolkovo resident) received a 10,000 application for preimplantation genetic testing for chromosomal abnormalities (PGT-A). Currently, the laboratory has already examined more than 28,000…

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The Year 2020 Sets the Record for the Cord Blood Samples Called for Treatment 28.01.2021

In 2020, the call ratio for withdrawals of cord blood samples (the number of transplants performed) for treatment purposes from the Gemabank® – Russian cord blood bank – was 1/815. Five years earlier, it was 1/1190. According to Alexander Prikhodko,…

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HSCI Invested in Histograft Company 22.01.2021

Human Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) signed an investment agreement with Histograft LLC, a Russian biotech company, Skolkovo resident. The company is a pioneer in the development and deployment of first-in-class gene-activated materials for medical applications. The total investment in the…

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HSCI Invested in a Vaccine Development Company 15.12.2020

Human Stem Cells Institute (HSCI) has entered into an investment agreement with «Razvitie Biotechnologiy» LLC — BioTechnology Development (BTD), a biotechnology startup that develops vaccines. BTD is a company that is introducing a platform for the development of antiviral vaccine…

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HSCI and Its Management Buy Out a Share of GENETICO from the RVC Biofund 26.11.2020

The RVC Biofund closed the deal to sell its 17.79% stake in GENETICO LLC (Center of Genetics and Reproductive Medicine GENETICO, hereinafter – “the Genetico Сenter” or “GENETICO”), HSCI’s subsidiary. The deal is profitable for the fund; its parameters were…

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HSCI Begins Trials of a New Coronavirus Vaccine 20.11.2020

Betuvaks LLC, a subsidiary of Human Stem Cells Institute (HSCI), has entered into an agreement with the contract research company KEG Bio LLC and has begun preclinical trials of a vaccine candidate for the prevention of the new coronavirus infection….

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Genetico Center Developed a Test for Genetic Study of Tumors 17.09.2020

GENETICO LLC (Center of Genetics and Reproductive Medicine GENETICO, hereinafter –– “GENETICO” or “the Genetico Center”), HSCI’s subsidiary, a Skolkovo resident and RVC Biofund portfolio company, has developed the Onconetix test to search for mutations in tumors and has begun…

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