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HSCI Invested in a Vaccine Development Company

Human Stem Cells Institute (HSCI) has entered into an investment agreement with «Razvitie Biotechnologiy» LLC — BioTechnology Development (BTD), a biotechnology startup that develops vaccines.

BTD is a company that is introducing a platform for the development of antiviral vaccine candidates based on recombinant proteins delivered through nanoparticles. The company is planning to be involved in the development of a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, as well as flu and human papillomavirus vaccines. In preclinical studies, the platform has shown a high safety profile and the required level of immunogenicity and efficacy. The project is being carried out by a team of scientists who have good experience and competence in vaccine development.

The coronavirus vaccine is currently being developed in partnership with Betuvaks LLC, the HSCI Group company.

According to the signed investment agreement, the total funding for the joint project will be 47.600 million rubles.

Artur Isaev, Chairman of HSCI’s Board of Directors, says, «Preventing infectious diseases with vaccines will obviously become a bigger and more important necessity for public health care and society now. Effective and long-term safe vaccines that have low production costs and good scalability will be in demand. The coronavirus infection and the need for re-vaccination are predicted to be important not only in the current pandemic but also in years to come. Therefore, we have decided to invest, on the one hand, in the development of a coronavirus vaccine and, on the other hand, in platforms and technologies that will help create vaccines not only for the coronavirus, but also for other important public health issues.»

Background information

HSCI is a strategic investor with diversified assets in high-growth markets associated with the development and introduction of innovative drugs, medical devices, genetic research and high-tech medical and healthcare services. HSCI invests in various fields and manages assets at different stages of development (startups, early growth companies, mature companies with positive cash flows and stable margins).

Betuvaks is the HSCI’s subsidiary founded to develop and introduce a coronavirus vaccine.